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The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system is a till system designed for independent retailers which allows multichannel trading across many different online channels as well as acting as a fully functioning till system. This means no more dealing with different admin systems and the confusion that can cause - Connect does it all, with all sales and products being set in one central stock control system.

Connect has at it's heart a central database, into which all product data is set up. From here, products can be sold on any connected channel, whether it's Ebay, Amazon, Google Products, Facebook shopping or an eCommerce website. All sales come back to the shop till and are treated just the same as someone purchasing a product in front of you, making online selling as easy as using the shop till! All sales are easily displayed on the shop till screen, so a retailer can immediately see what is selling and which the best selling outlet is for those sales, plus in the back office system comprehensive reporting aids the retailer in choosing stock replenishment - easily find out what the best sellers are and which products bring the fastest and best return on investment!

Made for eCommerce

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system has been designed from scratch to deal beautifully with eCommerce! With direct integration into Ebay, Amazon and a whole host of eCommerce website technologies, Connect allows 'drag and drop' selling, saving time and money. There's a feed builder also available for Connect, which means any other online channel, affiliate advertiser or shop can be easily integrated into Connect, giving the ultimate in flexibility.

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